Pat Dipaula Klein

Threading the needle--

self portrait

For me, the act of making a stitch is as profound and meaningful as a brush stroke or a pencil line. French d.m.c. embroidery floss is my medium and a wide variety of needles represent my brushes and pencils. All of my work is cotton floss on linen.

Much of the mystery and beauty of stitching rests in its sensual, tactile quality. It is a meditative and rhythmical process. In our age of high technology, I take comfort in the simplicity and slow pace of hand stitching.

I approach my work with a reverence for the Muse and her subtle, almost silent and sometimes fickle voice.

My embroidered images are based on drawings. I have a background in repeat designs for hand screen print.

Time is always an issue; one could always be stitching.

Pat Klein

"Fruits of the Earth"

Stitched by hand over several months with cotton floss on linen -- The process and the materials speak of women's work, texture and time, rhythm and repetition.

My intention is to create a spirited, animated magnetic field -- through correspondences of form and space. A vibrating energy field which affirms poetic imagination, a certain precision of form and placement of objects in space and hopefully -- delight. With a glimpse of some of our fellow creatures (some of the psyche).

Fruits of the Earth
fruits of the earth

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